Spicyroad’s Week in Review #16!

Destinations: Izmir, Icmeler, Denizli → splitting up and going to Istanbul/Ankara

Distance travelled: 472 + 648 (IA, Yannic and Nina) + 466 (Doro and emka*)

Drivers: 26

Hosts: 4

Recipes collected: 3

Interviews: 2

We enjoyed our last days in Izmir, with a new host and two additional interviews. Ahmet could no longer host us, because he had to study for his exam. We moved to stay with Bülent, a cook. On our last day with ReVi, Yannic and emka* interviewed Felipe, the founder of ReVi. It was really interesting to hear about the development of the organisation, the difficulties and beautiful memories. The rest of us went to meet families again and at the end of the day we went to our favorite arabic restaurant one last

The next day emka* and Doro got up early to hitchhike to Icmeler. We needed a vacation and just wanted to spend a few days by the beach. Ia, Nina and Yannic went to another interview, with SMDD. It is a humanitarian organization that offers free medical service and support for Syrian women and children.The founder of the NGO is Muhamad Saleh, a Syrian who lives in Izmir for 12 years already. He has a lot of connections with people who came from Syria and at the same time speaks good Turkish which is really helpful. Olivia and Valentine gave us chance to interview them, even though they were really busy. It was so nice to hear about their experience with working in Izmir. They told us that in a lot of places NGOs don’t cooperate with each other, because they want to keep the reputation for themselves. In Izmir they work well with each

In Icmeler we stayed with Fateh who works in a hotel across from his apartment. We used the hotel kitchen to cook and the bar to hang out. We had a little party with wine and “Ankara Style” dancing. We spend all night singing, making music and being crazy. We had sooo much fun!!! During the day we just hung out by the beach, enjoyed the warm weather of the south and went swimming.

Too soon, we went further into the country to a city called Denizli. As always, our host was amazing. Barbados and his flatmate made us feel really welcome and gave us tons of food. We took a gondola to the top of the mountains surrounding Denizli. It was a beautiful view, even though not quite the top. We enjoyed the sunset and how the sky changed its colors and light. The highlight of that stopover in Denizli was definitely Pamukkale. The ancient Greco-Roman city called “snow mountain” is known for its hot springs and travertines, terraces of carbonate minerals flooded with water. You take of your shoes, walk up the white mountains through small water streams and pools. We swam, or rather floundered about in the terraces filled with warm water. It was cold, naturally for end of November, but the sun was strong and the water warm. We watched the sunset, enjoying every single second in the hot springs. We only left when the sun was gone and it got really cold.
After our short stay in Denizli we headed out separate ways. Doro and emka* went to Ankara, to meet a new member Eyrún and for emka* to pick up their Iranian visa. Yannic, Ia and Nina went to Istanbul instead. Nina was about to fly home to work for a month and join Spicyroad again later on. Yannic and Ia went to Germany for a week. They had to sort out some personal stuff and help friends in need. We split up, dreading to be separated, even though just for a little while.