Spicyroad’s Week in Review #14!


Destinations: Istanbul, Edirne, Izmir

Distance travelled: 1014

Drivers: 11

Hosts: 2

Recipes collected: 0

Jina left us 🙁 She got onto an airplane and went back to South Korea. But we also have a new member! Emka* came all the way from South America to be with us. They is a valuable addition to our little group, bringing in a lot of new thoughts and ideas.

We had our Istanbul (M)eat-up this week, inviting our new friends from Small Projects Istanbul and some fellow couchsurfers. Our host, Mert, invited some friends as well, so we were a perfect mix of international people. The food was amazing, as always. It was the first vegetarian (M)eat-up, with mostly vegan meals. Me met wonderful people, shared our travel experiences and listened to the stories of their lives.

That week, we went back to Small Projects Istanbul a couple of times. We interviewed Chris, the program director of the organisation, and we visited the earring making workshop for syrian women. The create these beautiful drop shaped jewelries and sell it worldwide. The project is really successful and they have more orders than they can create 🙂 We bought some pairs of earrings as well.

Sometime in the middle of the week, we had our first emotional meeting, introduced by emka*. The idea was that each of us had time to talk about how we felt. The rules: we only talk about ourselves and we don’t discuss it, unless someone asks for specific advice. It went quite well, even though by the end we were all a mess. It got so emotional that we were all really sentimental and agitated, but in a good way. It probably helped us all to know how each of us feels, good for group dynamics. We decided to do it every week, so more on the topic in the next review…

Each of us also did some things on our own, enjoying our time in Istanbul. Emka* and Doro went to Contact Improvisation Dance, emka*’s passion. It was a new experience for Doro.

Ia bought herself an iPad Pro (finally, she has been talking about it for weeks). To get a tax refund, she and Yannic intended to go to Bulgaria, but came back right away. They traveled to Edirne to cross the border, which did not work. So they just came back empty handed.

Doro went to reconnect with an old friend that she had met a few years back in California, and an old employee of her dad.

We went sightseeing, roaming around the city, together or separated, depending on the day and time. Taking ferries, visiting the blue mosque, going to markets and having a lot of different kind of foods.

By the end of the week, it was time to say goodbye, leave Istanbul behind and go to the next place -.Izmir. We arranged to volunteer there, help out an organisation called ReVi. Monday morning was our introduction meeting, so we hitchhiked towards the south on Sunday…