Spicyroad’s Week in Review #10!


Destinations: Tbilisi
Distance Travelled: 153 km
Drivers: 4
Hosts: 3
Recipes Collected: 4

Our first week into the double digits, and what a way to hit it off!

Standing atop a mountain at the Gergeti church with a stunning view of Mt Kazbek and the Caucasus mountains to one side and the valley below to the other. Everything was bathed in golden light and the scene before us quite literally took our breath away.

We had managed to hitch a bumpy ride up the mountain with some friendly Polish drivers but we spent so long taking in the sights that they left without us.

But no matter, we were able to find a ride back down relatively quickly – with one of us even hitching a ride on horseback down the mountain!

With all of our drivers continuing on to Tbilisi, it took us no time at all to get to our new host’s apartment in Georgia’s capital.

There must have been something in the water in Stepantsminda though, because the next day everyone was sick apart from Jina. Yannic had a a terrible migraine, Ia was feeling nauseous and the pain my throat from the day before got so bad that I couldn’t speak and had to visit a doctor. I found out that I had a serious throat infection and would have to get daily medicinal injections as well tablet form antibiotics 4 times a day. “Absolutely no travelling for the next 7 days”, said the doctor. Ugh.

Since my treatment put a big dent in our travel plans, we all used it as an excuse to stay at home and get lots of work done.

For 4 days straight, we didn’t leave the house (apart from me getting my injections) but we finally had a chance to catch up on the mountain of work that had built up since our rush through Russia. Some recipe cards were made, another interview was cut, a city video was uploaded, new potential members were interviewed and more! Additionally, one of our former hosts, Giorgi, also joined our team as a stationary member. We are so excited to have him on board!

We also managed to organise another (M)Eat Up event in our host’s apartment, though at first it seemed as though it wouldn’t work out quite as well as our previous ones: we couldn’t find the right ingredients for our dishes and not many people said that they would be joining the event according to our event on couchsurfing.com. By 9pm however, 15 people from Belgium, Switzerland, Nigeria, Russia, Iran, Georgia, Kazakstan and more were happily chatting and eating from the collection of over 7 different international dishes. In fact, it was one of our most successful (M)Eat Up events to date! Hooray!

After 6 days of my treatment, I was finally fully healed, so we sat down and planned out the rest of our time in Georgia and Turkey. Our plan called for just 2 more days in Tbilisi, so we decided it was high time to leave the house to do some sightseeing.

We were first taken for a short drive to the nearby city of (and former capital of Georgia) Mshketa and spent a couple of hours walking around, taste-tasting some of the best wine (ever), snacking on traditional Georgian Churchkhela and exploring the town’s beautiful churches.

Later, we returned to the city center for some nighttime sightseeing. We got some food and listened to live music before riding a gondola up to the Narikala fortress which looked amazing when all lit up at night. The evening ended with us spending an hour lounging in one of the famous sulphur baths in the area. Although the water smelled not unlike rotten eggs, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

We are feeling incredibly relaxed now after our hot bath and we are sure that we will sleep soundly before hitchhiking westwards towards Gori tomorrow.