Spicyroad’s Week in Review #7!


Spicyroad’s Week in Review #7!

Destinations: St Petersburg, Moscow
Distance Travelled: 714 km
Drivers: 4
Hosts: 2
Recipes Collected: 2

Week 7 of our Spicyroad adventure got off to a pretty good start.

After being split up for about a week, Ia and Jina were finally able to get out of Helsinki and meet the rest of us at our new host’s place in St Petersburg.  We were finally reunited! Yay!

Because of the week long delay, we did our best to make our remaining scheduled days in St Petersburg count. We managed to get some more sightseeing done, spend a relaxed evening in another anti-cafe, check out an interesting museum and meet (as well as sing with) lots of other travellers at a couch surfing meet up in a karaoke bar. On top of that, I also ticked “Get a tattoo” off my personal bucketlist and spent a wild night at a gay bar watching a Russian drag performance!

Most importantly however, we were able to host our second (M)Eat Up event in the city which was a big success! After spending a couple of hours cooking together, we had all built up quite an appetite and were ready to dig in to the delicious food we had prepared. The dishes from India, Germany, Bangladesh, Australia, Korea, Russia (as well as an unofficial contribution from the US) were delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by all 13 international attendees. Nothing like a great meal with good company (plus a confortable nights sleep) to prepare you for a long journey ahead, or in our case, a full day of hitchhiking to Moscow.

It was our first time hitchhiking in Russia, and to be honest we initially didn’t know what to expect. Would people stop? Will the drivers act coldly towards us? Could there be issues of sexism or racism?

Well, as far as first impressions go, the first leg of our Russian hitchhiking journey went pretty well!

Although one pair had to wait a while for a couple of their cars, we all had very comfortable rides with friendly drivers – despite communication problems. Two of us were especially lucky to very quickly get one direct ride all the way to Moscow, with our driver even offering to buy us lunch in a restaurant and make us coffee with his camper cooker in his truck.

Of course it will take a lot more travelling through the country to start to get a feel for what hitchhiking is really like here, so we are excited to see what’s to come in the next couple of weeks (since we will be driving a lot)!

For now though, we are just going to stand and admire the impressive view of St Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin from here in Red Square…

If only it weren’t so damn cold!