Spicyroad’s Week in Review #5!


Destinations: Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki
Distance Travelled: 441 km
Drivers: 17
Hosts: 2
Recipes Collected: 1

After Steph’s birthday night out, half of the Spicyroad members initiated week 5 with an exciting (and painful) start.

One tattoo, 2 facial piercings and a dramatic fainting episode later, we decided it was best to cool down in a cosy, cushioned tea house before getting some sightseeing done.

A few good walks around Riga’s city center meant that we got to see some of its beautiful old town, parks, statues, monuments and markets. One of us choose to take the sightseeing even one step further, by taking in the city from an aerial view in a hand-glider. Little did she know that her flight would be accompanied by the setting of the sun and two other Spicyroad members racing in a speed boat beneath her – how did we come to be in a Bond film?!

All-tuckered out from our eventful time in Riga, it was then time for us to travel along the Baltic coast to our next destination, Tallinn.

Sadly, we couldn’t spend much longer than a few days there, but we made sure that our time in Tallinn was well spent. Together we went for a short hike along the coast, spent a cosy afternoon in our hosts cafe trying their delicious pastries, tasted some unusual Estonian specialties and had an enlightening interview with the head of the Estonian Refugee Council.

We were having a great time, until we remembered that two of our members, Steph and Jessica, now had to leave us. With heavy hearts, we had to say (a hopefully temporary) farewell to our wonderful new friends and travel partners before getting back down to business…

How exactly were we going to hitchhike across the Baltic sea to our first Nordic stop, Helsinki?

The most obvious choice? To hitch a ride on a private boat. So, that’s exactly what we set out to do.

After an afternoon and an early morning of writing/pasting up written requests, passing out Spicyroad stickers, targeting any boats with Finnish flags and attempting to convince the sailors of why they should take 4 travellers with large backpacks and little-to-no sailing experience with no avail, we were beginning to lose hope.

In the end however, two of us were lucky enough to hitch a ride to Finland! Woohooo! Unfortunately, it meant that the remaining two had to hand over 30 eur to take the ferry.

For the two of us who managed to hitch a boat ride, it’s been an amazing but exhausting day of travel. From rough seas to windy roads and having a tough time hitchhiking within Finland, we are so relieved to have arrived at our hosts house in Helsinki, crash on his couch and fall right aszzzzzzzz…..